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Glory of Created in China - AWEI Enters in Turkey Thoroughly
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Here is Cappadocia - the holy place of world-famous hot air balloon

Here is the world-famous Pamukkale – a hot spring that flows down from the slopes of Hierapolis, which is clear and 35℃ throughout the year. It is rich in thick calcium carbonate, turning the whole mountain into white.

At sunset, the pure white Pamukkale reflects a dazzling rose gold, which looks like a golden terraced fields.

Here is temple of Apollo with more than 2,000 years of history. It belongs to the architectural style of Ionic Order with deep sense of Greek style.

Here is a “Rose Valley” - It is the prettiest time to visit the great valley at sunset.

Here is strait of Bosphorus, also known as the Strait of Istanbul. The strait separates Asia from Europe and links the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea.

The Bosphorus Bridge connecting Eurasia looks more modern under the cuntain of night and neon lights.

2018 is a landmark year for the relationship between AWEI and Turkey:

① On Sep 5, 2018, AWEI brand flagship store officially entered in Istanbul - the largest city of Turkey, making it a key strong point in the Middle East.

Our success depends on the brand strength instead of our appearance.

Superior quality, considerate services, rich varieties, well-deserved reputation...

These are the fundamental reasons why we choosed to cooperate with AWEI.

Mutual benefits realize a new business legend on the Belt and Road.

② AWEI settled in Media Markt on a large scale - The largest electronics appliance store in Turkey. Media Markt is the largest specialty super market of home appliance in Turkey with 42 subbranchs in Turkey at present. AWEI will provide high-quality products and considerate services to the vast number of the Turkish dealers, agents and consumers together with other well-known brands of digital audio equipment, such as SONY, JBL, PHILIPS and BOSE etc!



Superior quality and considerate service is the root of winning the trust of Media Markt - The largest consumer electronics retailer of Europe.

As entering in Istanbul and Media Markt - the largest electronics appliance store in Turkey - not only does it reflect the love and favor of the people in Middle East and Southern Europe to AWEI, but also show the strong comprehensive strength of AWEI. AWEI will continue to lead manufacturing enterprises of China to a new level under the historical opportunity of the Belt and Road with top technologies, superior quality and high-end service level in the new round of global market competition.

Wealthy people and great power depend on industry, Creation in China needs AWEI.

Further Reading

Media Markt belongs to Metro Group (Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH), whose headquarter is located in Dusseldorf Germany. Media Markt is the largest consumer electronics retailer in Europe with more than 600 stores and more than 45,000 employees in 15 European countries. By providing consumers with comprehensive brands, innovative products, daily real price, delivery and installation etc, Media Markt have been leading the trend of one-stop shopping experience for decades.

Turkey is the member sate of NATO, the founding member state of OECD, the member sate of G20 Summit and one of the top ten travel countries. As a country across Eurasia and on the Belt and Road, Turkey guardes the throat of the Black Sea with high political, military, strategic and economic status. As the lineal successor of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is still a powerful and influential regional power in the Middle East. Turkey has a strong industrial base, which is one of the world's emerging economies and one of the fastest growing countries in the world. In Turkey, Istanbul is the largest city, Ankara is the capital and the second largest city, and Izmir is the third largest city.

On the corssroad of Eurasia - The strategic location of Turkey is excellent.

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