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   AWEI (用维),with its brand strength and influence, was honored to become one of the 2018 China (shenzhen) IT Leadership Summit Partners . Lu Shengzhong, the company founder and chairman was invited to join this IT Leadership Summit and also interviewed by the media. 

Honored to be one of the 2018 China (shenzhen) IT Leadership Summit Partners

    AWEI intelligent bluetooth headset wearing products have broad market in Singapore, the headset industry have a certain status, was deeply loved by everyone. AWEI with the influence of the brand and strength, get the "50th anniversary of the Singapore Heritage Photo Contest" sponsored by the qualifications, By the Singapore Ministry of Education, Deputy Director (Deputy Director Character & Citizenship Education): Mr. Mr. Puvan Ariaratnam personally awards ceremony and granted the sole sponsor AWEI (with dimensions) certificate.


Sponsor Singapore's SG50 "Facets of SG" heritage photography competition powerfully


Sponsor of the 30th Anniversary of Shenzhen University in 2013 powerfully


Sponsor of ABA Asia Professional Men's Basketball Challenge Match powerfully

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